The Sundowner

season-2 The sundowner

The Sundowner is a much awaited part of the festival that sees renowned chefs preparing delectable cuisines native to different parts of the world. In the previous editions of Gourmet Getaway, the Sundowner has featured a plethora of food stalls offering an amazing spread of food from all over the world.

Some of the global delicacies that became an instant hit with the food connoisseurs included the Nordic food from Scandinavia, the appetizing Mantu at Afghani stall, and the Bengali posto bora. The Indian stall also threw up some surprises with interesting range of delicacies served to customers. One such offering was that of Nitrogen spheres dusted with a dash of burnt onions.

The warm ambience of Nand Mahal dotted with greenery perfectly complemented the theme of the festival, last year. Live performance by Shadow and Light band from Delhi made the evening a memorable one.